In daily life, bumps and bumps are common. After losing weight, it is necessary to judge whether it needs to be bandaged according to the severity of the injury. If the skin breaks and bleeds, it is inevitable to use gauze dressing and medical tape. After the adhesive tape is pasted, it is very painful to separate the tape from the skin, so how can the medical tape be torn without pain?


How to tear medical tape without pain?

1. If it sticks firmly to the skin, first wet the tape with alcohol or complexed iodine, and then slowly peel it off.

2. If it is in direct contact with the skin wound, do not forcibly tear it off to avoid bleeding from the wound. You can use gentamicin injection to soak the tape and gauze dressing together and then peel it off.


Semi-Product Rolls (2)What is the use of medical tape?

The medical tape is mainly used for fixing.

When people are injured in the epidermis, they need to use iodophor for local disinfection, then cover with sterile gauze, and finally use medical tape to fix the gauze.

From the above article, you can understand that the use of medical tape is very easy. Its main function is to fix the gauze dressing or fix the needle during infusion. No matter which one is used, it is indispensable in the treatment; there are Many people may think that the medical tape will be very painful when it is torn off. In fact, there is a method, and it will not hurt if you follow the method.

Post time: Jun-27-2022