When someone bandaged a child’s “elbow joint injury”, they “fixed the forearm and upper arm in a straight line” for a long time, and as a result, the child’s “elbow joint lost its proper bending function” and was disabled. The reason is that Liu readers do not know that when bandaging, the joints should be fixed in the “functional position”. Joints that remain in functional positions can retain some of the physiological functions of the original joints to the greatest extent, even if the joints cannot move after injury.


For the upper limbs, the most important thing is to ensure the function of the hand; for the lower limbs, it is mainly to ensure the functions of holding weight and walking. Therefore, the functional position of the elbow joint is nearly 90 degrees of flexion, the functional position of the knee joint is slightly 10 degrees of flexion, and the functional position of each finger joint of the hand is 45 degrees of flexion. The functional position of the ankle joint is 90 to 95 degrees.


Take trauma fractures as an example: loose bandages and lack of fixation are important reasons for malunion or formation of false joints. As we all know, the restoration of fractures and dislocations must be guaranteed by fixation. If the bandage is loose and cannot be fixed, there may be risks such as bleeding, pain, and shock in the short term, and malunion and false joints may occur in the long term.

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On the contrary, if the bandage is too tight, it may also cause new damage to the body. Tight bandaging affects blood circulation, and may cause swelling of the limbs, or pallor, cyanosis, chills, numbness and other manifestations. If the bandage is not relaxed and re-applied in time, it may cause limb ischemia and necrosis. In addition, moving the patient inappropriately to bandage the wound can also cause irreversible damage. For example, the fracture end of a patient with a complete fracture of a long bone stabbed important blood vessels and nerves, and a patient with a spinal fracture suffered spinal cord injury and paraplegia. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to skill when dressing.

Post time: Jun-22-2022