Example: hit a hard object

- Bruised scars from impact.


- For minor bruises, massage the affected area with anti-stasis cream.


- If the severity is serious, such as injury to the head or symptoms of fracture, please send to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.


burns and scalds


Example: Getting scalded by hot water while taking a bath. Wash the wound with cold water or soak in water for at least ten minutes.


- If there are any restraints, such as jewelry, watches, rings, etc., they need to be removed gently, so as not to be difficult to take off when the wound is swollen.


- Clothes soaked with hot liquid should be taken off slowly.


- Cover the wound with a cleaning material such as plastic wrap.


- Do not cover the wound with ice as this will further damage the cells of the skin.


- Do not apply indiscriminate materials such as red syrup, blue syrup, scalding paste, vinegar, soy sauce, soap, toothpaste, ginger juice or egg whites, etc., to avoid worsening of the injury.


- Do not puncture the blisters that appear on the injured area by yourself, as this may cause infection.


- Severe burns or scalds require immediate medical attention.


pressure ulcer


Example: bedsores prone to occur in elderly people who are bedridden and unable to take care of themselves.


- Clean the wound once a day or change the dressing when it gets soaked.


- Wash pressure ulcer wounds with sterile technique.


- Change positions regularly to promote wound healing and avoid muscle atrophy.Disposable Sterile Medical Gauze Pads  (4)

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