(1) Skills for sticking seam-free tape

1. Clean 5cm of skin around the wound with alcohol disinfection or saline and let it dry.

2. Aseptically remove the taped card from the bag.

3. The card has pre-cuts on both ends, remove the piece of paper on one side.

4. Peel the tape from the card and peel the tape at a 45-degree angle to prevent sticking.

5. Paste the first piece of seamless tape from the middle of the wound. First, stick half of the seamless tape on the skin on one side of the wound without tension, and pressurize to ensure that the sticking is firm.

6. Use your hands to align the skin on the other side of the wound with the same side as possible, and then stick the other half of the stitchless tape tightly. Close the rest of the wound in the same way.

7. The distance between the two seam-free tapes is about 0.3cm.

8. If the wound is not aligned, the stitchless tape should be removed and reapplied.

9. After the wound is closed, several strips of seam-free tape can be pasted 2-4cm parallel to the wound, which can reduce the tension at the end of the tape and prevent blisters and skin breakage.

(2) Precautions for using paper-free tape

1. Wipe off the oil and grease on the skin with saline or alcohol before sticking, and keep the skin around the wound clean and dry.

2. Make sure that the exudation of small vessels has been controlled before applying.

3. An elastic seam can be used to avoid wounds.

4. If the label border is curled, you can use the setting.

5. After the tape is pasted, if it is not loose, it can be glued. Generally speaking, the glue can be washed once ~5~7 days and replaced once.

Seam-free tape sticking skills

Post time: Apr-23-2022