(1) Fixation of new self-adhesive wound dressings

The closed or semi-closed wet dressing can maintain the constant temperature and humidity of the wound, which is beneficial to the healing of the wound. If the dressing does not fall off or leak, it can generally be maintained for 5-7 days. Although closed or semi-closed wet dressings generally have self-adhesive functions, the adhesive on the edge of the dressing will stick to the clothes and be easily lifted during the patient’s use, especially when the patient is uncooperative or irritable and the parts that are easy to rub are easily loosened affect the usage time. In addition, the sacrococcygeal and other parts are easily contaminated by urine and feces, which shortens the use time and affects the therapeutic effect. Therefore, in order to prolong the use time of the self-adhesive dressing and ensure that the dressing achieves the desired therapeutic effect, necessary external fixation is required for the self-adhesive dressing.


Wash and dry the wound and surrounding skin, paste a hydrocolloid or foam dressing from the center of the wound, and then smooth the dressing around by hand to avoid leaving gaps or wrinkles, and the size of the dressing should exceed the outer edge of the wound by at least 2~3cm .

For the parts that are easy to rub, in order to avoid the displacement of the dressing when the patient moves, the surrounding edges of the dressing should be sealed with a breathable wide tape or a transparent thin layer.

It can be pasted on the parts that are easily contaminated by urine and feces, and can be covered with a transparent film to avoid contamination. Marking the date on the outer dressing can clearly understand the use time of the dressing.

When changing the dressing, you can press the skin with one hand and slowly tear off the dressing from the corner to avoid damage to the skin.

Dressing Fixation Tips

Post time: Mar-29-2022