There are many kinds of medical tapes, which can be used to fix and avoid falling off. However, tape is a foreign body to human skin, and prolonged contact, friction and stimulation can cause various skin reactions. If selected or used improperly, it will cause problems such as skin damage to the patient.

Due to the particularity of certain parts of the body, it is difficult to fix wound dressings. Although bandages or elastic mesh sleeves can be used for external fixation, the wound dressings are often easy to fall off due to the patient’s restlessness or activity, which increases the patient’s treatment costs and nursing hours.

In addition, patients are afraid of turning over or getting out of bed for fear of the wound dressing falling off, which affects the recovery of the wound and the disease; especially when the new type of dressing is used to treat the wound, the unit price of the new type of dressing is higher, such as the wound dressing does not fall off, leak or contaminate, etc. It can be replaced every 5 to 7 days, which can maintain the constant temperature and humidity of the wound, effectively promote wound healing and shorten the healing time. Such as frequent replacement will not only fail to achieve effective therapeutic effect, but also increase the economic burden of patients.

Therefore, how to choose the appropriate medical tape and use it correctly to avoid skin damage, and how to paste wound dressings in special parts, so that the wound dressings can be pasted securely, firmly and lastingly, which not only facilitates the patient’s movement and makes them feel comfortable, but also facilitates wound healing. Questions worth investigating.

Common problems and care of tape sticking

(1) Tension mechanical injury

It is the most common problem in the use of adhesive tape.

1. The cause is usually due to excessive tension when applying the tape, sticking one end first and then the other end, or swelling and bulging at the sticking site.

2. Clinical manifestations Skin congestion, redness, skin avulsion or blisters, typically tension blisters at both ends of the tape.

3. Nursing measures

(1) Assess the patient’s skin and general condition, and select the appropriate medical tape;

(2) Try to avoid sticking adhesive tape on the swollen part, if local swelling occurs, it should be re-applied;

(3) Paste the tape correctly to avoid physical friction or pulling. When pasting, do not paste one side, and then apply tension to the other side, which will cause skin tension or pulling force and cause skin damage; the tape should be placed flat on the paste to make it fit with the skin, and then apply from the center of the tape to both sides. Press the tape with your fingers to ensure that there is no tension between the tape and the skin.

(2) Non-tension mechanical injury

1. Cause Skin damage due to improper selection of tape (too sticky) or improper removal.

2. Clinical manifestations The skin is red, swollen, damaged, and tingling.

3. Precaution

(1) Understand the patient’s skin and systemic conditions, and select the appropriate medical tape.

(2) When removing the adhesive tape, lightly press the skin with one hand, and slowly tear it away from the wound in a horizontal direction of 180° with the other hand to avoid physical damage.

(3) When the tape is stuck with hair, tear it off along the direction of hair growth.

(4) Tear off the tape on both sides of the dressing first, and then remove the whole to avoid physical skin damage caused by removing the tape forcefully from one side.

(5) When the adhesive tape sticks to the skin and cannot be removed by force, do not remove it forcibly. If the patient’s condition permits, the adhesive can be soaked with disinfectant or normal saline or water to make it easy to fall off and then removed; or use a special solution Adhesive liquid wipes the adhesive (such as stripper).

(6) If the tape is too tightly attached to the skin, alcohol or lotion can be applied to the tape backing to reduce its viscosity.

We will analyze the application skills next time. Contact Guangyi to give you the most suitable medical dressing.

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Post time: Mar-08-2022